samedi 10 septembre 2011

Sketches - Meeting Boyd Rice

Boyd Rice comes in Paris to perform Dementia Soundtrack at L'Etrange Festival. This was an unique show
and I really appreciate the work of L'Etrange Festival for programming this.

Next day, i get an unique occasion to meet the "beast"; thanks to Max for inviting and Seb for convincing me!
So we spent a few hours in Paris historic center at breakfast time. Beers have been drinked, pants have been dropped and we had nice chat about triple movie sessions, Crumb, Portugal , Dagobert and many other things.

Let's have some sketches of these moments..

Dementia is really awesome movie! I realize it with some distance; it's stuff i really appreciate

Boyd Rice and his accomplice before the show they performed behind the screen. Here during the presentation of instruments : the tiniest harmonica in the world.
Portrait behind the "Palais de Justice" of Paris

Gentleman's corner
Seb, Boyd Rice, and Max