jeudi 15 décembre 2011

November Recreative Watercolors

These are just about to step back, test and joy...

etna XI
rosso (monte)

another time in other place

mercredi 30 novembre 2011

Making of Clément Bertrand CD, "Le salut d'un poisson"

I have designed new CD album by Clément Bertrand.  Here some pics and some sketches for the illustrations i made .. More information and order on 

"La maison" Sketch
"La maison" final

"Les éxécutions ordinaires" sketch

"Les éxécutions ordinaires" final

CD Label, final.

samedi 10 septembre 2011

Sketches - Meeting Boyd Rice

Boyd Rice comes in Paris to perform Dementia Soundtrack at L'Etrange Festival. This was an unique show
and I really appreciate the work of L'Etrange Festival for programming this.

Next day, i get an unique occasion to meet the "beast"; thanks to Max for inviting and Seb for convincing me!
So we spent a few hours in Paris historic center at breakfast time. Beers have been drinked, pants have been dropped and we had nice chat about triple movie sessions, Crumb, Portugal , Dagobert and many other things.

Let's have some sketches of these moments..

Dementia is really awesome movie! I realize it with some distance; it's stuff i really appreciate

Boyd Rice and his accomplice before the show they performed behind the screen. Here during the presentation of instruments : the tiniest harmonica in the world.
Portrait behind the "Palais de Justice" of Paris

Gentleman's corner
Seb, Boyd Rice, and Max

samedi 6 août 2011

Ile d'Yeu - Recreative watercolor sketches

marais vendéen - arrival by the land
La Meule - just outside the natural harbor: fishing lobsters

Working under our pine tree
Pine tree
people & kids on the beach

dimanche 17 juillet 2011

Vultures Flyer 1/2 - dots and dots and dots...

Some vultures needs to be inked...
And i asked myself : "but why did i not start with a brush??"
Finishing.. i swear - one more time - do not use this dot technic again!!
I adjust this preview and will publish the whole flyer/poster later.. During this time you can bet on the bands for whom i've made this . Enjoy ;)

dimanche 10 juillet 2011

Chartres for an Afternoon : at end it begins.

Finally i get this. Was a good test. My scan did not react as i wanted and i loose a lot of colors light. Have to find a solution. Now serious & big things begins..

mardi 5 juillet 2011

Chartres for an afternoon - Oil Things: When colors comes back to Life...



Second layer..Working..


Shitty cellphone shitty pic..
Under my Mr Stéphane Pêtre paint i love..

mardi 29 mars 2011

Sketches - Sicilia

Some Sketches from trip in september 2010 in Sicilia. This was a good moment spent alone in Italia to draw people and things. I would like to thanks Sonia and Ralf nice persons i've meet during the trip who helps me during hard times. 
The road follows no plan. The road is your Plan.

...the last done, the first published

Franch airport mess, i hate airports!


Palermo's woman. Loud voice.
totocalcio on sunday in Palermo

Old Man - Catania

Wedding Day in Catania: Boys get outfitted

Ladybug On Etna:

When Police porsuit illegal race on circuit all night long.

welcome in Palermo

Beppo and Momo in arainy day in camping.

Old man in Nicolosi

Sometimes you gat a gelatti and a nice view..

Palermo touristic street at night

Same streer as before, but good beer, good music.


kids on wheel

no way boy!

Palermo butcher

Posers waiting girls