dimanche 17 juillet 2011

Vultures Flyer 1/2 - dots and dots and dots...

Some vultures needs to be inked...
And i asked myself : "but why did i not start with a brush??"
Finishing.. i swear - one more time - do not use this dot technic again!!
I adjust this preview and will publish the whole flyer/poster later.. During this time you can bet on the bands for whom i've made this . Enjoy ;)

dimanche 10 juillet 2011

Chartres for an Afternoon : at end it begins.

Finally i get this. Was a good test. My scan did not react as i wanted and i loose a lot of colors light. Have to find a solution. Now serious & big things begins..

mardi 5 juillet 2011

Chartres for an afternoon - Oil Things: When colors comes back to Life...



Second layer..Working..


Shitty cellphone shitty pic..
Under my Mr Stéphane Pêtre paint i love..